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Five Pillars - Foundation of a Muslim's faith and practice

Five Pillars of Islam

The Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation of a Muslim's faith and practice. These pillars guide Muslims in their daily lives, shaping their beliefs and actions through the teachings of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Shahada (Faith)

The declaration of faith, stating there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, is the essence of being Muslim. A simple yet profound statement shapes a Muslim's beliefs and actions.

Salat (Prayer)

Muslims perform five daily prayers facing the Kaaba in Mecca. These prayers directly link the worshipper and Allah, providing a structured spiritual routine.

Zakat (Charity)

Giving 2.5% of one's wealth to people in need is an act of charity and a way to purify one's wealth. It emphasizes the importance of social welfare in Islam.

Sawm (Fasting during Ramadan)

Fasting from dawn until sunset during Ramadan teaches self-discipline, self-restraint, and generosity.

Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca)

Performing Hajj at least once in a lifetime, if physically and financially able, is a journey that cleanses the soul and brings Muslims from all over the world together in a demonstration of unity.

The Five Pillars of Islam are integral to a Muslim's faith, providing a framework for worship and conduct. These strengthen the soul, purify wealth, and create a sense of global unity among Muslims.

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